What Is Reiki?

Usui Reiki energy therapy releases stress and promotes healing and well-being on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Reiki means "Universal Life Energy". Universal life force within the human body is called "life energy". It is this energy within our bodies that gives us the ability to live our lives with strength, purpose, and the natural ability to heal.

Reiki is:

*     A Japanese word meaning  Universal Life Energy .
*     A powerful energy healing technique.
*     The transference of Universal energy to the recipient.
*     The higher self s connection to the Universal energy that breathes life into  all living things.
*     Holistic, working on the body, mind and spirit by stimulating a person's own natural healing abilities.
*     Eternal, it cannot be destroyed.
*     The highest and most profound vibration of life.
*     Pure unconditional love and joy, bringing all who experience and embrace its principles together in harmony.
*     One of the few forms of healing that can be used for oneself or others.

Reiki is not:

*     A replacement for traditional medicine
*     A miracle drug

What Reiki Can Do For You
Although there are those in various parts of the world who have made serious and impressive claims for the use of Reiki in the healing process, I do not diagnose or treat diseases or conditions. The only claim which I make for my Reiki sessions is that they tend to produce a great relaxation; therefore, a significant reduction of personal physical and emotional stress. This enables the recipient to be in a state which is most conducive to the action of one's own natural healing processes. I urge anyone considering a Reiki session or Reiki class to inform themselves about the nature of a Reiki session, and about the various traditions of Reiki, as well as the advances reported in the world about the healing process, and what the medical community has discovered about the benefits of relaxation and stress reduction.

Some of you may be wondering what benefits you will obtain from receiving Reiki. Reiki has been reported by clients to:

   1. Reduce the pain of injuries and diseases;
   2. Help the immune system to become stronger through relaxing the body so that it may heal itself;
   3. Reduce anxiety and feelings of stress;
   4. Help with depression;
   5. Relax the body and therefore enable it to heal itself from various diseases and injuries

Frequent Questions

How long is a Reiki session?
You can expect a session to last approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

How old must I be to receive Reiki?
I do not perform Reiki on anyone under the age of 18 years without parental permission.

Can I receive Reiki if I am pregnant?
Yes. Reiki is beneficial to an unborn child and its mother on many levels.

Can I receive Reiki if I have a cardiac pacer?
Yes. But please advise me of your condition prior to treatment.

Can diabetics receive Reiki?
Yes. But please advise me of your condition prior to treatment.

 Ethics Of Reiki Practice By LIOMSA UNLIMITED

Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics

Developed by Kathleen Prasad, Founder of Animal Reiki Source and Adhered to by Rev. Ronald A. Latevola, DBA Liomsa Unlimited

Guiding Principles:

    *  I believe the animals are equal partners in the healing process.
    *  I honor the animals as being not only my clients, but also my teachers in the journey of healing.
    * I understand that all animals have physical, emotional and spiritual aspects, to which Reiki can bring profound healing responses.
    * I believe that bringing Reiki to the human/animal relationship is transformational to humanity's view of the animal kingdom.
    * I dedicate myself to the virtues of humility, integrity, compassion and gratitude  in my Reiki practice.

I follow these practices:

    * I incorporate the Five Reiki Precepts into my daily life and Reiki practice.
    * I commit myself to a daily practice of self-healing and spiritual development so that I can be a clear and strong channel for healing energy.
    * I nurture a belief in the sacred nature of all beings, and in the value and depth of animal-kind as my partners on this planet.
    * I listen to the wisdom of my heart, remembering that we are all One.

In working in the community, I hold the following goals:

    * I model the values of partnership, compassion, humility, gentleness and gratitude in my life and with the animals, teaching by example.
    * I work to create professional alliances and cooperative relationships with other Reiki practitioners/teachers, animal health-care providers and animal welfare organizations in my community.
    * I strive to educate my community in its understanding of the benefits of Reiki for animals.
    * I continually educate myself to maintain and enhance my professional competence so that I uphold the integrity of the profession.
    * I consider myself an ally to the veterinary and animal health community. I work to support their efforts in achieving animal wellness and balance. I honor other disciplines and their practitioners.

In working with the human companions of the animals, I will:

    * Before the treatment, share information about my healing philosophy, the Reiki healing system and what to expect in a typical treatment, as well as possible outcomes, including the possibility of healing reactions.
    * Provide a clear policy ahead of time regarding fees, length of treatment and cancellation policy, as well as “postponement” policy, should the animal not want the treatment that day.
    * Never diagnose. I will always refer clients to a licensed veterinarian when appropriate.
    * Honor the privacy of the animals and their human companions.
    * Share intuition received during Reiki treatments, with compassion and humility, for the purpose of supporting their understanding of the healing process.
    * Respect the human companion’s right to choose the animal’s healing journey, selecting the methods, both holistic and/or conventional that he or she deems most appropriate, with the support and advice of a trusted veterinarian.

In working with the animals, I follow these guidelines:

    * I work in partnership with the animal.
    * I always ask permission of the animal before beginning, and respect his decision to accept or refuse any treatment.
    * I allow each animal to choose how to receive their treatment; thus each treatment is a combination of hands-on, short distance and/or distant healing, depending on the animal’s preference.
    * I let go of my expectations about how the treatment should progress and/or how the animal should behave during the treatment, and simply trust Reiki.
    * I accept the results of the treatment without judgment and with gratitude toward Reiki and the animal’s openness and participation in the process.

Copyright 2007, Animal Reiki Source

You may copy this information in its entirety for use on your website or in professional and/or teaching materials as long as copyright remains intact.

 Reiki At Work

The following article appeared in the Aroostook Republican and News on

June 20,2007:

         "Pet Rescue Animals Respond To Reiki Therapy"

              By Norma Milton, special to the Aroostook Republican

Ron Latevola brings a special ability to his volunteer work at Caribou Pet Rescue. It is the priceless gift of applying finely-honed Usui Reiki treatments for the well-being of CPR animals. Ron is a Usui Reiki Master specializing in Animal Reiki.  Usui Reiki energy therapy on animals or people is a process that releases stress and promotes healing and a sense of well-being on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Our pets are privileged to have Ron come to the shelter for this past year on a regular basis and apply treatments to our most highly stressed or injured pets.

Ron emphasizes the Reiki treatments should not be considered a replacement of regular veterinary care for one's pet, but that it should be utilized as a supplemental therapy much like herbal alternatives. Reiki comes from the Japanese word meaning universal life energy. It is a holistic therapy working on the body, mind and spirit by stimulating a person's own natural healing abilities.

There are several things that Reiki is not. It is not a replacement for traditional medicine, a miracle drug, a cure-all, a religion, a New Age fad, a game and it is definitely not magic. Reiki works. I have watched Ron as he worked with our animals at the shelter. One cat was extremely stressed. Just a few minutes into the treatment, the cat began to relax and eventually closed his eyes and went to sleep. No more shaking or spitting, just a nice restful sleep.

Animals do tend to be very sensitive to Reiki therapy and the Reiki Master must be very intoned to the cat's body language. The Reiki energy will go where it is needed most when treating animals. When Ron approaches an animal, he introduces himself and explains what he is doing. He asks permission from the animal and advises them that they only need to take whatever Reiki they desire. Animals will often guide the Master to the exact place that requires treatment by moving around until the hand lands on the exact spot. They will also let you know when they have had enough by either moving away or turning their back on the Master.

I asked Ron to come up to try a treatment on one of my feral cats. although I could see some changes in the body position during the treatment, after a few minutes, Sadie turned her back to end the session. Within a few days, I could reach and pet the little girl with far less tension between us. Because I planned to place the cat soon, I needed to watch her reactions in terms of progress in the healing of her original injuries -- a serious leg injury. I was unable to test her reaction time and ability to run, jump and climb. The second day after the treatment, I was able to completely examine her. Ron had explained to me that sometimes there is a plateau and then a down time before progress is seen or felt. It happened. This was  a huge endorsement for me.

Ron explained he had started the volunteer Reiki at the shelter to gain more hands-on experience. However, he has continued because, as Ron said, "I know I am doing good things for the animals who are experiencing a hard time, but what I did not realize is the value of the satisfaction I receive myself by coming in to help them."

For more information on Reiki, email Ron at Revliomsa@yahoo.com.


Service Fees
Personal Reiki treatments will be provided by Rev. Ronald Latevola, RM/T at Massage by Tiffany, 133 W Pitt St., Bedford, PA. or Bedford Acupuncture, 7536 Lincoln Hwy., Bedford, Pennsylvania


Animal treatments will be done at your location.

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